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Never clean a Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard

by Markus Malkusch

Posted on Saturday Nov 08, 2014 at 02:04AM in Technology

Last time I cleaned the keyboard of my Lenovo ThinkPad T410s I showered it completely in the basin (to remove the diarrhoea of my daughter). I assumed that keyboard was waterproof, or at least won't be damaged by water. I was wrong. Lenovo did good efforts to build the keyboard water proof, but the wrong direction. Of course some water did enter the keyboard, which is no problem for any of the components. But unfortunately the infiltrated water was locked in the water proof keyboard for ever. Using the keyboard was not possible. After around 4 weeks of drying I replaced the keyboard.

Now, half year later, I decided to sell my Lenovo ThinkPad T410s (because the T420s is so cheap at Ebay). Let's clean the notebook a little bit. May be with a wet sponge to remove all the hairs, breadcrumbs and dust from the keyboard. This again was a bad idea. The keyboard is now for around one week drying on the heating and I can still see the water inside of it.

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